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She's back! She's bad! She's big! And with THE AMAZING COLOSSAL WOMAN, "SIZE MATTERS". Brenna Barry stars as GARGANTA in this action packed conclusion. She had it all her way in part One. Now the military makes its move against the giantess. Col. Boyle is sent in a helicopter to take her down. He is armed with huge hypodermic filled with tranquilizer juice. Down she goes but when she awakens she's madder than ever. Who knew? Garganta goes on a rampage destroying part of the city...


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Dr. Carol Heisler is angry... very angry. Her rage registers with an flying saucer scanning the populace. The Alien being inside decides that she is an ideal subject for an experiment. Using its advanced technology Solopticus grows the furious female to giant size and names her GARGANTA! Now possessing tremendous power, GARGANTA starts storming through the city searching for her cheating husband. Anything or anybody that stands in her way gets stomped flat. THE AMAZING COLOSSAL WOMAN is a micro budget homage to sci-fi monster movies of yesteryear. Based on the character GARGANTA appearing in AC Comics' FEMFORCE title, this movie is a fun romp filled with cheesy elements that popularized 50's fright films...


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Monster Gorilla! Download

After her ship explodes mysteriously, Heather washes up on the forbidden shores of Horror Island. Did her boy friend, Charlie, also survive? While frantically searching the dense jungle for him she discovers and old house and enters it seeking help. But to her terror, Heather becomes the captive slave of Dr. Eric Vornoff, a deranged scientist who is conducting unnatural experiments far away from the prying eyes of civilization. Even worse, she shares her captivity with a growling black brute... the MONSTER GORILLA! And, horror of horrors, the snarling ape turns out to be Charlie himself, now a transformed victim of Vornoff's mad plans. And Heather is to be next! But wait... there's more! Monster Gorilla must battle a ferocious White Gorilla.... a beast even more deadly than the Monster Gorilla itself!...


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Angel Avengers 05: Abducted Angel Download

HD: 1280x720

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The mysterious MetalGypsy returns! MetalGypsy (in her mild-mannered but stylish civilian identity) discovers that the bad guys are using another ruby artifact to transform innocent victims into mindless minions. Our heroine manages to swipe the ruby and takes off running with the bad guys hot on her heels! Demonic villain Big Joel Nekoda and his henchmen cut her off and the Angel soon finds herself cornered and outgunned; but with a quick twist of her mystical bracelet a dazzling transformation occurs as our gal summons the awesome power of MetalGypsy! The bad guys suffer a relentless barrage of hyperspeed high-kicks, bionic blows and powerhouse punches delivered with MetalGypsy's unique, hypnotic style. It looks like yet another easy victory for the angelic agent until Big Joel unleashes his secret weapon... the monstrous DemonGypsy! A spectacular catfight ensues and MetalGypsy is soon captured and stripped of her mystical bracelet. Big Joel uses the mind-control ruby on our now powerless heroine... transforming her into a sexy villainess! All hope is lost! Could this be the end?!?!? Fortunately there's still plenty of time left in the movie for a few more twists and an epic final showdown!

Starring Jennifer Trieste as MetalGypsy, Kuro Yuki as DemonGypsy, Anthony Wayne as Tony, Stem Whitaker as Slim, Cliff Weikal as Evil Collectibles Dealer, John Miller as Innocent Bystander. Produced & Directed by Bill Black. Script, editing & effects by JohnJG. “B-Movie King” and cult movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop guest stars as Big Joel Nekoda!

Runtime: 12 Minutes (not including credits and outtakes)
Windows Media format: Available in High Definition (HD) 1280×720 widescreen format

HD: 1280x720

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Angel Avengers 04: MetalGypsy Download

An all new Angel Avenger is here! Meet MetalGypsy! She's deliciously exotic, incredibly sexy, amazingly powerful and unbelievably stylish! This astonishing new heroine has graceful moves you won't believe! ....

HD: 1280x720

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Angel Avengers 03: Femme Fatales Download

The Angel Avengers have dismantled Big Joel Nekoda's occult artifact smuggling operation while defeating wave after wave of his incompetent henchmen. Now the Angels are finally going after the bossman himself! As Angel Nikki (The Bionic Bombshell) takes out the two perimeter guards....

HD: 1280x720

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Angel Avengers 02: Bionic Bombshell Download

Featuring Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, a destructive agent known for her incredible strength, power and exotic beauty. High-tech bionic implants ripple just below her skin allowing her to stop thugs in their tracks with a single blow. Nikki is dispatched on a solo mission....

HD: 1280x720

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Angel Avengers 01: Girl Power Download

Who are the Angel Avengers? Are they comic book heroines? Bionic femme fatales? Paranormal government operatives? Supernatural super spies? World-class martial artists? Agents of a higher power? The embodiment of feminine grace, beauty, virtue and strength? All of the above!!!!....

HD: 1280x720

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