Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress on Arrow

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Australian actress Jessica De Gouw will soon debut as The Huntress on The CW’s Arrow series.

If you strip away the science fiction, horror, fantasy, paranormal, experimentation, creativity and heart of Smallville, what you have left is Arrow. This show takes itself far too seriously for me. I’m TRYING to like it. I really am. I feel compelled to watch it because it’s a comic book show and I want it to be entertaining; but like all of DC’s live-action properties these days, Arrow feels ashamed of its comic book roots.

Grim, gritty,  grounded and as a result not terribly interesting in my opinion. But what the Hell do I know; Arrow (by CW standards) seems to be doing just fine in the ratings.

“Realism” is all the rage. Yawn.

If I tried really hard to imagine the most bland and boring incarnation of The Huntress that I could possibly come up with, it would still accidentally have more character than this…

Jessica De Gouw as some chick dressed in black.

Jessica De Gouw as some chick dressed in black.

Seriously? Why bother calling her The Huntress?

I hope that Arrow is some day unafraid of exploring the wonder and creativity that the DC Universe has to offer. For now they are clearly content to play it safe… and dull.

I want a big green boxing glove arrow… stat!


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