Lana Clarkson: The Barbarian Queen

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The sword and sorcery craze was booming in the early 1980s when Roger Corman produced a Conan knock off starring the beefy Rick Hill in the title role of Deathstalker. The movie has a ridiculous plot focusing on the title character questing for the “Power”. Deathstalker is not a very relatable hero, he’s not even a very likable antihero; however at exactly 24 minutes and 8 seconds into the movie the very likable character of Kaira the warrior woman enters the scene.

Wearing not much more than a sword and a cloak Lana Clarkson quickly dominates every scene she’s in. Her character is killed off rather quickly, but it didn’t take long for Roger Corman to quickly write an entire movie wrapped around Lana Clarkson. Enter Amethea the Barbarian Queen! Amethea and her bridesmaids tear up the scenery with plenty of battles, blood and boobs. Not much is left for the imagination.



It seems pretty clear that Lana Clarkson takes her work seriously. Her swordfighting skills were pretty poor in Deathstalker. Not so in Barbarian Queen. Lana now has skills! She does all of her own fighting and stunts and weilds a full-sized sword with incredible ease. You can practically see Lana holding back to avoid injuring the stuntman!



Lana also appeared as Alpha Beta in “Amazon Women on the Moon” alongside the stunning Sybil Danning. In Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion series, Lana portrays the villainess Mindbender.

Lana Clarkson as Mindbender, from Roger Corman's Black Scorpion

Lana Clarkson as Mindbender, from Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion


Looking back and seeing her in costume at 5’11″ (not counting heels) I can’t help but think she could have pulled off an incredible version of Ms. Victory in a live-action FemForce movie.


How do you like them apples?

How do you like them apples?

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