Man of Steel?

by CultRetro on December 12, 2012 · 1 comment

in From The Inner Mind

The net is all aglow with praise for the new Man of Steel trailer. Nolan certainly knows how to make movies and his fingerprints are all over this. It DOES look spectacular… but does it look at all like Superman? I see a lot of angst and darkness rather than pride, patriotism, inspiration and nobility. Nolen was the perfect director for Batman, but Superman is not Batman. I wish they could have given this film to Joe Johnston.

I don’t recall anyone referring to Anne Hathaway as “Catwoman” in Dark Knight Rises. There is no “Green Arrow” on The CW right now. I wonder if anyone is actually going to call this alien from Krypton “Superman” in this movie? Why is DC so ashamed of their trademarks? If they don’t want to use them, then I’ll take ‘em! :)

This trailer looks epic… but it just makes me feel old.

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