Scarlet Scorpion back on the books!

by CultRetro on November 1, 2012 · 1 comment

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The Scarlet Scorpion

The Scarlet Scorpion

We are now scheduled to film the rest of The Scarlet Scorpion with Cat LoCicero in just two weeks!

If everything goes as planned we’ll be filming the Scorpion during a super-powered workout as she test-drives her new strength and abilities, followed by a battle with a couple of martial arts street thugs. This will complete the first episode filming and we will immediately put it into post-production for release ASAP.

We’ve also acquired a new black leather belt with a long trailing sash for her, and a cool new mask which she will wear for part of the film.

I’m also hoping to release Stormy Tempest: Lies and Allies next week!

All of this just in time for the AC Comics 30th Anniversary Bash!

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