Scarlet Scorpion is in the can!

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The Scarlet Scorpion

The Scarlet Scorpion

Today we wrapped filming on The Scarlet Scorpion!

This project started out as a small little thing that we were only going to film for one day at a local convention, but has since evolved into something more. Not only will Cat LoCicero make her superheroine debut as the all new Scarlet Scorpion, we will also be introducing Robert K Sollien as The Purple Claw, Tony Sparks and his crew of MMA/breakdancing stunt fighters, and Heather Brinkley as Duchess Sadistica. It all comes to together in a nice stand-alone package, while also serving as a prequel to the next season of Stormy Tempest!

A sentient catsuit! Superbreath! Superspeed! A superpowered workout in high-heeled boots! Heat Vision! Flight! Superstrength! Invulnerability! Perilous Nightmares! Government Agents! The Iron Claw! The Purple Claw! A flying villainess from the future! Acrobatic bad guys! A jacuzzi! A bikini! Flying drones! A Bill Black cameo! And yes… there IS a kitchen sink!

Expect to see some new photos very soon!

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