Stormy Tempest Strikes A Barbarella Pose

by CultRetro on January 6, 2013

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On January 2nd and 3rd we filmed the bulk of “The Death of Stormy Tempest”. We still have one more filming day to go (later this month) to wrap up this project. On that day we will focus exclusively on an epic confrontation between Velocity Blaze and Stormy Tempest.

We had Stormy Tempest showcasing her Barbarella influence during a late night photo shoot on the 2nd. Nicola Rae struck a few classic publicity poses that left everyone breathless.

Barbarella fans have yet another reason to look forward to this future episode of Stormy Tempest…

Two words: Excessive machine!

Jane Fonda... eat your heart out!

Jane Fonda… eat your heart out!

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