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Cinematic Version
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Damsel in Distress Extended Version
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Stormy Tempest: Velocity Blaze

Stormy Tempest: Velocity Blaze

Season 3: Episode 3.
The perils of Stormy Tempest continue! Stormy has been sedated by Clayton the Sleeper and mauled by an alien Moss Monster. Her armor and weapons systems are failing, her strength is at its lowest ebb… and Stormy Tempest is about to come face-to-face with the toughest opponent she has ever encountered.

Relentless Space Patrol Sheriff Velocity Blaze has pursued Stormy through time and space. Blaze believes that Stormy is an outlaw (see Stormy Tempest: Rogue Justice for details), and no outlaw EVER escapes Velocity Blaze. Not only is the sheriff armed with superior firepower and high-tech armor, Blaze also comes from a high-gravity homeworld that provides her species with four times the strength and endurance of a normal human. She is astonishingly powerful and a ruthless warrior; she knows all of Stormy’s tricks and has a countermeasure for her every move. Does Velocity Blaze want to arrest Stormy? Humilate her? Or destroy her once and for all?

No MAN can bring down Stormy Tempest, but our heroine has yet to encounter a WOMAN as powerful as Velocity Blaze!

NOTE: If you like to see happy endings and Stormy Tempest kicking ass… this release is NOT for you. Stormy is beaten into submission (several times). Her weapons are destroyed. She is debelted, unmasked and injected with a truth serum that compels her to confess her crimes. Witness Stormy Tempest’s total defeat and domination by an unstoppable femme fatale!

From the pages of AC Comic’s FemForce, NICOLA RAE brings to life the statuesque sci-fi superheroine Stormy Tempest, a character created by producer/director BILL BLACK nearly 40 years ago! AUTUMN SAGE debuts as Velocity Blaze, perhaps the only woman in the galaxy powerful enough to kill Stormy Tempest.

1280 x 720 high-definition widescreen format!

We are offering this release in two versions. The “Damsel in Distress Extended Version” is 6 minutes longer, but that’s 6 minutes of “the good stuff” like Velocity Blaze brutally clobbering Stormy from many multiple angles with slow motion enhancements and voyeuristic panning shots, etc. You can throw a LOT of extra punches in 6 minutes. If you’re one of our “damsels in distress” fans you’re going to LOVE it. It’s far more “perilous” than anything we’ve released to date. The “Cinematic Version” is a more fast-paced, action-oriented presentation similar to all of our previous Stormy episodes and you’ll never noticed that the damsel in distress shots have been removed or cut down (and… it’s cheaper!). If you would like to see BOTH versions then the “Discounted Bundle, Both Versions” is for you! NOTE: You must buy the bundle upfront to get the discount. If you decide to get the alternate version later you will have to purchase it separately at full price.



Stormy Tempest struggles for air, but Velocity Blaze is too strong.Blaze systematically destroys Stormy's weapons and defenses.Velocity Blaze displays her superior strength by lifting Stormy using only one arm.Blaze believes that Stormy is unworthy of wearing a Space Patrol Officer's mask.

Stormy is out on her feet as Blaze prepares to strike again.A conquered superheroine.Velocity Blaze is relentless and invincible.Blaze holographically records footage of Stormy Tempest's defeat.

Velocity Blaze's superior firepower shatters Stormy's defenses.Knocked out by a boot to the face.Blaze and Stormy face a common foe when the Moss Monster returns to his lair.Velocity Blaze tosses Stormy all over the jungle.

Stormy struggles for air in the grip of crushing alien vines.Helpless, unconscious and at the mercy of Velocity Blaze.Velocity Blaze uses Stormy's own technology to prove a point.Blaze injects Stormy with an irresistible truth serum, compelling her to officially confess.

Stormy is already defeated, but Blaze is just getting started.The fight is all but over as Blaze continues to dominate Stormy.Velocity Blaze delivers a low blow; she is willing to do whatever it takes to bring Stormy down.Blazes prepares to finish her off.

The sample shots below are ONLY in the
“Damsel in Distress Extended Version”:

Many more blows from many more angles.Stormy Tempest completely out cold.Blaze kicks Stormy while she's down.Many more shots of a devastated superheroine.





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