Super Workout: Scarlet Scorpion Progress Update

by CultRetro on December 10, 2012 · 2 comments

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The first pass at editing the megaton of footage for The Scarlet Scorpion is complete! Basically I just went through and found all of the obvious junk and tossed it aside while trimming what remains into useable cuts. Now I can actually start putting the pieces together.

Over 7 HOURS of footage was recorded during the making of this film. This does not indicate what the final runtime will be though because this was also our first real field test of the new ultra-cool Sony camera. Most of this footage is just Bill and I fighting with the new controls and capabilities while trying to figure out where to find all of the new buttons and features. We ended up with more footage than usual, most of which will never be seen.

The Scarlet Scorpion goes through a little self-training to figure out how to work her new powers. We’ve got over 40 minutes of our heroine working out in high heels and a catsuit in the gym.

If I was smart I’d just string it all together with a soundtrack and sell it “as is” right now. :)


High-heeled boots and a catsuit... casual superheroine workout attire.

High-heeled boots and a catsuit… casual superheroine workout attire.


Girl Power!

Girl Power!


Super-strength... IF she can figure out how to get her suit to work.

Super-strength… IF she can figure out how to get her suit to work.


Mind over matter.

Mind over matter.




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