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The good thing about this blog is having the ability to communicate with those who are interested in our production progress. The rough part is often not knowing WHAT exactly to communicate and WHEN. At what point does an “idea” become “progress”? When does intention become reality?

Over the last few weeks we have developed, prepared for, and then unfortunately CANCELLED several projects. Things like this actually happen all the time. We put a lot of work into things that sometimes don’t get done. I have a stack of scripts for projects that we ALMOST filmed, but that fell apart at the last minute. An Attack of the Giantess sequel! Stormy Tempest versus Space Vampires! A Blue Bulleteer and Synn team up! She-Cat versus The Cloak! Blue Bulleteer and The Shade versus the Golden Age Blue Lady (very obscure, look her up)! All are projects that will likely never see the light of day.

To be honest, the only way to know if a project is ACTUALLY going to happen is to wait until AFTER it’s already been filmed. Until the necessary footage is in the can, it’s never a guarantee. We practically tossed out the script in the middle of filming Perils in the Past. Anything can happen at any time to blow a project off course.

Here are a few recent projects that have hit unexpected snags…

We’re still trying to line things up to finish The Scarlet Scorpion after a couple of false starts. We have filmed her origin, but we have yet to film her in action… so as of right now the project is on hold until we can get everyone together for a good fight scene. I’m confident that we will be able to get this done, I just don’t know exactly WHEN that will be. Hopefully scheduling will line up sooner rather than later.

The Blue Bulleteer project we wanted to do in January is also indefinitely on hold. We just couldn’t get the logistics to work out in January, which means that we probably won’t get to see Nicola Rae and Maria Paris on screen together. We are still very excited about the Blue Bulleteer storyline, and we are definitely excited about the prospect of working with Maria once again… we just can’t make it work in January when Nicola Rae is here. Hopefully later in 2013 we will be able to revisit this project, recast the villainess and bring back the Bulleteer… but for now it’s on the shelf.

We have prepared project outlines for eight Stormy Tempest episodes. One of them (the beach/quicksand episode) has likely been scrapped.

Okay, so that’s the bad news. The GOOD news is this…

Plane tickets have been purchased and arrangements have been made that will allow us to work with Nicola Rae VERY frequently in the month of January. We have seven Stormy Tempest episodes moving full steam ahead… including the epic “Death of Stormy Tempest” Season Five storyline. Pre-production and scripting is currently underway. There WILL be more Stormy.

I intend to see Nicola Rae portray a villainess in some capacity while she is here… though of course that means I’ll need to round up another heroine. I don’t know how this might work out just yet, but it’s on the table.

We have a few “artistic” projects that we are developing. An atmospheric noir thriller, an impressionistic psychotronic film, horror, mystery, voodoo, aliens… projects that will feature strong female leads but won’t necessarily have anything to do with superheroines or comic books. Some of these may be free releases like the recent “Damsel in the Dark” short film. Others are continuing to evolve day-by-day and may develop into full length features. Who knows?!?!

I’m going to try to spend a little more time on the blog again for awhile, so I’ll try to keep you posted as things develop.


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